Tangle Teezer: Better Than Your Average Hairbrush

tangle teeze side view

When I first moved to London I knew that there would be a few things that I ‘d have to get used to, despite the fact that I considered the city my second home. There was, however, one particular beauty dilemma that I wasn’t prepared for (and had somehow managed to ignore every other time I’d visited)— I couldn’t brush my hair when it was wet! Continue reading

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New Season = New Name

Although it’s still miserably cold in Toronto (and snowing…ugh) I am secretly hoping that Spring is just around the corner. New Year’s Day is typically thought of as they day to start over, but personally I think that the beginning of Spring is a better symbol of new beginnings (think about it, new season, new clothes, new makeup).

If you’ve visited the site before, you might have noticed that it has been re-named to The Beauty Writer (instead of The Beauty Geek). I decided to change the name to The Beauty Writer for a number of reasons:

  1. I am a writer, and while I will write about anything  almost anything that people pay me to write about, my main area of expertise happens to be beauty. Read some of the brilliant things that I’ve written by clicking here.
  2. I truly am a geek (especially when it comes to beauty…and tech) but alas, I’m not the only one. There are quite a few of us Beauty Geeks around—two of my favourite Beauty Geeks are Janine Falcon at imabeautygeek.com and Sascha at beautygeekuk.com who have incredible beauty blogs of their own (seriously, check them out if you haven’t already)—and it was starting to get confusing.
  3. The old URL was annoying and difficult to remember.
  4. Now that I’m living back in my home and native land (a.k.a. Canada), I thought it would be nice if my blog had a nice Canadian home too.

So here it is, my not so new, and not really improved (but come now, why mess with perfection) blog The Beauty Writer. Huzzah!

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A wee bit delayed


“Always winter and never Christmas.”

-The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

You might think that I’ve missed the boat for the last few advent posts, since the 25th was a few days ago—but that’s not the case!

The province of Ontario was recently taken over by the White Witch (much like her invasion of Narnia in 1940) and glazed with a thick coat of ice…so Christmas has actually been delayed by about a week.

Please accept my apologies for posting the last week of the Advent calendar all at once (what, you’ve never eaten 7 advent chocolates in one sitting? Yeah, sure you haven’t…).

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